Stop Shark Finning Petition – Oct 22 deadline!

This comes to us via our friends over at — While most fisherman don’t enjoy a shark eating their bait, hook, or 200lb tuna finning is a brutal act that we should work to put a stop to
Link to petition: HERE
**UPDATE it appears the petition passed!

Over the last year several States in the US have successfully passed legislation that bans the trade in shark fins. This is generally considered to be the most effective way to stamp out this vile and irresponsible trade that has been responsible for so much suffering and such a drastic drop in shark numbers across the world.

Now the pressure is on to implement a nationwide ban in the United States. A petition has been started on the White House website to this end. Once the target 5,000 signatures has been reached, White House staff will review it, ensure it’s sent to the appropriate policy experts, and issue an official response. The petition is just the start – but we need to reach the target 5,000 by October 22nd! Please click here to view and sign the petition!

Stop Shark Finning

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Stop Shark Finning Petition – Oct 22 deadline!
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