Review – Grafton Resort, Tobago W.I – 4 Pigs Asses

the entrance at the graftonbeach resort given 4 pigs asses in review When reaching the grafton resort in Tobago one can’t help but notice the incredible location right near turtle beach and overlooking the beautiful buccoo bay. That is about where the incredible stops and the completely asinine begins. The staff was about as charming as a wet fart on a first date. their abrasive and miserable demeanor makes you wonder if you’re hallucinating all the beauty around you because they are just that fucking sad. 1 staff member smiled in 2 days.

Cultural perhaps? Not. The people of Tobago are generally awesome people with positive lives & positive vibes, the grafton on the other hand feels like its under the management of The Undertaker. Not to write any place off on first glance we gave this dump(resort) a chance. Its all about the small things. Its been said in every hospitality meeting, management meeting, hell, they even make songs saying it, but the grafton didn’t get that memo, or they decided to wipe their pompus ass with it, verdict is still out.

The room was dirty — beneath the bed looked like the dust bowl just rolled through town and left a bunch of dead cockroaches in its path. Their magnetic key locks were worthless and had to have a replacement key made every two uses. The hotel was empty, yet you were expected to wear pants to their restaurant, which was open air, and in was 100% humidity. Come to find out there were exceptions to this rule if you were “special”. After we complied with the pants request and found ourselves eating food that I wouldn’t even put shoes on to go eat in other places, we decided to visit the beach… it was 8:20 pm… getting back 20 minutes later we found ourselves locked out… no sign on the door, no hours of when its closed, nothing.

2 miles and 45 minutes later, wearing our jeans like tight leather pants now we made it back to surprise, a broken key card. The manager behind the counter couldn’t bother to make a new one for 10 minutes, and when we politely suggested a time be put on the gate we got and simple “ok”…

ok… Well here is what we think about your ‘ok’

4 pig’s asses
review of the grafton beach resort, 4 pigs asses
Enjoy the smell.

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Review – Grafton Resort, Tobago W.I – 4 Pigs Asses
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