Review – Jayco Motor-home Manufacturer 5 pigs asses

Integrity… a dieing art, especially among business’s. There once was a day when companies would put out a quality product that they stood behind, guaranteed  — especially something you pay quarter of a million dollars for. Now i’m not sure who at Jayco motor-homes is responsible for brutal butchery of integrity at the company, but the proof is in the pudding, or paint/decals in this case.

I’m not sure whats the bigger fail here on Jayco’s part, the the fact that they moronically used a bad quality paint and decals on a high dollar iten, or that they can’t stand behind their product because that profit margin would shrink…a fraction. Greed dear fuck-faces at Jayco is cluttered path of defeat and regret.

New slogan suggestion:
“Buy a Jayco, but don’t call us after you do, we’ll call you!”
The fine print would of course read:
“We wont call you, we’re slimy bastards that bleed our customers for every drop we can squeeze”

From Jayco’s About us story:
“Jayco’s mission remains unchanged–to build exemplary RV’s and provide customers with extraordinary service after the sale. ”
Ooops, someone screwed that pooch! Really? Jayco’s definition of exemplary must differ from the rest of the whole damn world. Exemplary to me would be an apology and a solution for this:

fading decals in only a couple of years on jayco motor home

A motor-home which money is still owed, exemplary indeed

zero integrity, hypocrisy, and idiocy — Jayce you are the tri-fecta of fail, 5 pigs asses

for being ultimate douchebags, addictive angler give jayco motor homes 5 pigs asses

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Review – Jayco Motor-home Manufacturer 5 pigs asses
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